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yahoo messenger sex chat room [public] created by heiji47 tara add niyo ko [email protected] If this chat room is illegal, click here. Yahoo chat rooms were quite popular among the 90's kids. There was a time when yahoo messenger and its chat rooms were quite popular must say very popular. The first social media I had come to know about was yahoo messenger from a friend of mine who was already using yahoo messenger. He helped me make an account in it.

Nov 09,  · Adult-rated chat rooms have been moved off the main interface of Yahoo!'s Instant Messenger client a week after the software was upgraded. The new Messenger client V highlighted conversations on Author: Wendy Mcauliffe. Feb 08,  · For the best answers, search on this site Ah forget about it. Chat rooms are the last place for spicing up your sex life. Total waste of time and a hanglout for losers and sexual predators.

Sadly enough, the good old days of Yahoo Chat rooms are gone. They were great places to make friends. I even had a couple of relationships at separate times with two very beautiful girls, whom I met in those chat rooms. We have now a few alternati. Sep 01,  · how to get in yahoo adult chat room with new yahoo messenger? with yahoo chat adult chat rooms are visible but with new yahoo messenger i dont see how to get there. Answer Save. 6 Answers. Relevance. Khuzemav 1 decade ago. Favorite Answer.