The sexiest Clown your ever see - adult clown loach


adult clown loach - The sexiest Clown your ever see

The clown loach is a peaceful fish and coexists well with nearly any tankmate. It is also an amusing species to watch and feed as it is very active during the day. Clown loaches will even eat any annoying snails that wind up in your aquarium. Adult Clown Loach is about 6 to 8 inches in length. It means that you need to have a tank size of about gallons if you want to keep Clown Loach happy. Also make sure you have free space for swimming as Clown Loaches are schooling fish & love to swim in group. Clown Loach is a moderate fish which means care level is not easy.

A six-foot tank would be appropriate for adult Clown loaches. Water should ideally be soft, slightly acidic (say pH ) and at a temperature of around 28°C/82°F, although farm-raised fish will tolerate a wide range of parameters, provided they’re in the normal range for a tropical fish tank. Clown Loaches need an aquarium with at least gallons of water, an exterior power filter with a BIO-Wheel, a maximum of 1/4-inch of gravel, and an aquarium heater adjusted to keep the water between 78 and 82 degrees F. Be sure the aquarium has a cover with no escape holes. Click here for about aquarium.

Clown Loach can grow up to 12 inches, however, as juveniles, they are around inches in length. Loach Fish Habitat and Tank Conditions In the wild, these fish live in clear slow-flowing rivers and streams of the islands. A school of adult clowns requires a gallon ( l) aquarium – or 30 gallons ( l) per loach. Clown loaches gravitate toward a strong current in the wild. The best way to replicate this in your tank is with an HOB filter. If you choose a canister filter, augment the water flow with a powerhead or air stones.

The average Clown Loach size when fully grown is around 12 inches. It’s said that they can get a bit longer in the wild, but most fish will max out at this length when kept in captivity. When you see these fish in pet stores they’re usually no more than two or three inches long.