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Motivating Adult Learners to Persist. A dults lead complex lives with limits on the amount of time they have to engage in formal learning. This reality, combined with the amount of effort and practice needed to develop one’s literacy skills—generally many thousands of hours—makes supporting persistence one of the most challenging aspects of designing effective adult literacy instruction. Research on Adult Learners in College Classrooms A number of studies have explored the characteristics of adult learners in the college classroom, providing substantial but not unqualified support for the assumptions linked to the theoretical frameworks of adult learning and development described above.

Dec 01,  · Adult learners include those with little education who want to improve their literacy skills to help them transition to college, immigrants who want to learn English, students who have dropped out of school and want to get their secondary credential or take the high school equivalency tests, and adults seeking to improve their employment skills. Power in Numbers aims to help adult students receive the higher-level math skills they need to succeed in the real world. This video series comprises of three short videos in English and Spanish and an accompanying video discussion guide. The series serves to promote the importance and relevance of advanced math skills to inspire adult learners.

Aug 14,  · Questions about fun and enjoyment in adult learning were explored through verbal interviews that were recorded in with 40 adult students and nine teachers who were participating in the Certificates of General Education for Adults in Australia, in , and who self-selected to participate in the research. It is a skill highly valued by adult learners. Unfortunately, far less research has been undertaken on the teaching and learning of writing for adult learners than on reading (Kelly, Soundranayagam, & Grief, ). The National Institute for Literacy developed Equipped for the Future, a report that includes adult learning standards to guide.

May 08,  · Adult learners are usually practical, resent theory, need information that can be immediately applicable to their professional needs, and generally prefer practical knowledge that will improve their skills, facilitate their work and boost their confidence. Writing to Read (Graham & Hebert, ) analyzes the research on how writing instruction and practice can improve reading skills. Although these studies focus on students younger than most of the adult education population, they provide direction for instruction with adults.