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Myopathy is a general term referring to any disease that affects the muscles that control voluntary movement in the body. Patients experience muscle weakness due to a dysfunction of the muscle fibers. Some myopathies are genetic and can be passed from parent to child. Others are acquired later in life and can be due to autoimmune disease, known as myositis, metabolic disorders or other causes. In some people primary mitochondrial myopathy can cause weakness and paralysis of other facial muscles. This can lead to additional symptoms including difficulty swallowing or slurred speech. Some people can develop problems breathing (respiratory problems). Some people may have involvement of the muscles of the arms and legs.

Congenital myopathies (CMs) are a group of inherited myopathies most commonly presenting in infancy with hypotonia and weakness. 1,2 Some patients may also have facial weakness, ptosis, ophthalmoparesis, respiratory insufficiency, cardiac involvement, or skeletal abnormalities. Generally, the weakness is either static or very slowly progressive. 3, –, 6 CMs are rare disorders and, as a group. Apr 04,  · Symptoms of statin-induced myopathy include muscle pain, which may take the form of soreness, weakness or tiredness in the muscles, says Mayo Clinic. Myopathy is a condition in which the muscles become inflamed or do not function normally, states WebMD.

Mar 27,  · Nemaline myopathy is the most common congenital myopathy. Infants usually have problems with breathing and feeding. Later, some skeletal problems may arise, such as scoliosis (curvature of the spine). In general, the weakness does not worsen during life. Myotubular myopathy is rare and only affects boys. Weakness and floppiness are so severe. 32 rows · Oct 01,  · Adult onset NM occurs sporadically between 20 and 50 years of age. It presents with a generalized weakness, myalgia and rapid progression. Several cases have been associated with cardiomyopathy, dropped head syndrome and respiratory involvement. Muscle biopsy can reveal inflammatory changes.

Jul 02,  · What are the signs and symptoms? Polymyositis affects skeletal muscles (the type involved in body movement) on both sides of the body. It is rarely seen Dermatomyositis is characterized by a skin rash that precedes or accompanies progressive muscle weakness. The rash Inclusion body myositis. Autophagic Vacuolar Myopathy (AVM) consists of multiple rare genetic disorders with common histological and pathological features on muscle biopsy. The features highlighted are vacuolar membranes of the autophagic vacuoles having sarcolemmal characteristics and an excess of autophagic vacuoles. There are currently five types of AVM identified. The signs and symptoms become more .