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Jul 27,  · In a healthy adult, a normal, oral temperature reading should be above 97 degrees F, but below 99 degrees F. One degree above 99 degrees F is considered a fever in an adult. Oct 07,  · Although it may not be comfortable, a temperature of up to °F is generally safe in adults. In fact, most healthy adults can even tolerate a fever as high as °F to °F for short periods of time without having any significant problems. Body temperatures usually return to normal once the illness goes away.

High fever in adults, soaring above degrees F, is something that cannot be neglected. Consultation with a doctor is a prerequisite to restore normal body temperature. Unusually high temperature of the body is defined as fever. It is the body’s response to an infection or a disease. Aug 27,  · Is a temperature of dangerous for adults? It is considered a fever when the patient has an axillary temperature above 38 degrees Celsius or degrees farenheit, so a body temperature of farenheit means a very high Max. D Gray.

fever of in adults. A female asked: how to easily get a fever/high fever just in one night? Dr. Christiaan Maurer answered. Specializes in Internal Medicine. Common: One can get a fever in minutes once they are ill. Send thanks to the doctor. Mar 25,  · If you have a fever over °F (40°C) call your doctor. Call your doctor right away if you have a fever along with any of these symptoms: seizure; loss of consciousness; confusion; stiff neck; trouble breathing; severe pain anywhere in the body; swelling or inflammation of any part of the body; vaginal discharge that is discolored or smells bad.

Apr 01,  · As a general rule, adults should consider seeking medical attention if their temperature reaches above °F (40°C). Doctors consider this temperature to be a high-grade fever. However, a fever Author: Rachel Nall, MSN, CRNA. Sep 17,  · Adults typically have a fever if their body temperature increases to °F (38°C). This is called a low grade fever. A high grade fever happens when .