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Community Resource Mapping Toolkit Intended for use with the Project 10 Community Resource Mapping Training adult services. Community Resource Mapping Toolkit 7 Tool 5: Identifying Resources Worksheet Task: Identify and define each resource. Process 1. Pick a goal to map and identify key investors for the goal. A Minnesota community developed the broad vision to establish a community network of youth-serving partners to help identify and provide resources that support healthy youth development. The mapping vision for a Texas community was to develop a comprehensive youth system to prepare all youth for adult life.

A community map highlights people, physical structures, organizations, and institutions that can be utilized to create a meaningful service project RATIONALE: Community mapping is an essential, yet often overlooked, step in the planning process for meaningful service learning. community-engaged mapping (cem) community-engaged mapping (cem)is a group mapping exercise designed to answer specific research questions and gather feedback from community members (who lvi e, work or attend schoo lni the area), for the purpose of developing place-based planning, policy, and interven- can be described as a focus grouparound a Size: 2MB.

the community. In this brief article, a procedure for mapping the assets of a community is described. The approach is one that has been developed by John P. Kretzmann and John L. McKnight in their book, Building Communities From the Inside Out: A Path Toward Finding and Mobilizing a Community’s Assets[4]. It is a process that can be used in. The Community Mapping Project is an ongoing effort of the Coalition to understand the needs of Louisville’s vulnerable young people, to inventory the places where help is currently available, and to identify innovative and effective strategies that can address complex needs.. In place since the fall of , the project is designed to answer several important questions.

COMMUNITY MAPPING LESSON PLAN OBJECTIVES • To understand the physical, social, and economic landscape of the community • To catalogue the resources and needs in the community • To identify the diverse perspectives that group members bring to the community DEFINITIONS Canvassing Sheet: Is a data collection tool that tracks specific information or . The Community Mapping Toolkit Asset Based Community Development 5 Asset Based Community Development Whether or not you are familiar with asset based community development, it is an easy concept to understand. It’s all about the positives. For a long time, local government and other organisations have taken a deficit approach to communityFile Size: KB.