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congentital cataracts diagnosis adult - Sissy Diagnosis - Hard training by Cezar73

A congenital cataract is a clouding of the lens of the eye that is present at birth. The lens of the eye is normally clear. It focuses light that comes into the eye onto the retina. Diagnosing Cataract in Adults At NYU Langone, our ophthalmologists frequently diagnose cataracts, a common eye condition in older people. They use the newest and most accurate diagnostic tools to detect cataracts—even in the initial stages—allowing for earlier treatment and improved eye health.

Cataracts, in general, are diagnosed as adults. They are typically caused by an aging lens. They are easily removed and do not result in any long-term visual compromise. Congenital Cataracts, in contrast, can threaten long-term visual development. If significant, they should be treated aggressively with urgent surgery and monitored closely. A cataract is a cloudy.