Wife having sex with a stranger without a condom - reroll a condom


reroll a condom - Wife having sex with a stranger without a condom

Jul 02,  · maybe they should invent re-roll-able condoms. lol, but as for now it's not possible. 0 0. LuvMyBoy. 1 decade ago. i dont think you can even re-roll them, plus if you do that after a while i would think they will start to smell bad. 0 0. Anonymous. 1 decade ago. sorry i dont think you can. 0 . May 28,  · Remove the condom carefully by rolling it down. Do not pull on the tip of the condom. Roll the ring down and then slide it off when you have rolled it down enough to easily slide it off your penis. Inspect the used condom for sexpert.xyz: K.

Aug 14,  · ok my friend and I were walking down the block when my friend bent down and picked up an opened condom sexpert.xyz condom was still rolled but the pack was opened most of the way.I told him not to us it to get ride of sexpert.xyz didn't.I want to know how can u tell if a condom was re-rolled and used cause the one he found had little rinkles on the circle part of the sexpert.xyz on the other hand said it. Apr 22,  · I just had the best sex in the world. My girlfriend thinks its the shape of the condom, and I agree. The problem is, we just used our last condom. How can I re-roll the condom, so I can use it again? My GF doesn't know its being reused, so I'll just slip it back in the wrapper. I have to get this done ASAP, before she comes out of the bathroom.

A very important part of correct condom use is to roll down the condom completely to the base of the penis. This is for several reasons: If the condom is not rolled down completely to the base of.