All holes))) BJ after anal without condome! - condom broke after ejaculation


condom broke after ejaculation - All holes))) BJ after anal without condome!

I was having sex and suddenly the condom broke. I was not aware, it was just opened on the head of penis. I think I noticed after a minute. Here, I was not in injection. I'm not sure about women. I washed it with water and again I continued with new Condom. After ejaculation, I washed it again. We both don't have HIV. The woman is about 35 and. Apr 21,  · Hello, in this situation when condom breaks, the most chances for pregnancy are in the possibility that there is some sperm in the precum. But since there was a condom, even if there was precum, the amount that seeped was probably to small for any major risk.

"i've been on depo for about a ended 4 days sex but the condom broke & we stopped immediately didn't ejaculate. should i worry?" Answered by Dr. Jalal Zuberi: Wait and see: If u meant to say you had sex 4 days after the presumed. Jul 22,  · If you're sure the condom broke after ejaculation and that there was an exchange of semen or other bodily fluids, try to remove as much semen from the vagina or rectum as possible. Women can expel semen from the vagina by squatting and pushing with their vaginal muscles (as if trying to have a bowel movement). 3 .

Mar 14,  · You aren’t the first person — and you certainly won’t be the last — to experience a torn or broken condom during sexual activity. The risks you face depend on when the condom broke . the condom broke during sex Please Help! I need reassurance, or at least some advice Sex on fertile day condom broke but no ejaculation or pre ejaculation, could i be pregnant? When am I ovulating?? trying to get pregnant PLEASE READ. periods after surgerys? irregular. Please Read! I think I may Be pregnant! Could I still be pregnant? I.

Jan 12,  · Condom broke and ejaculation inside. Took Plan B. Asked by Anxietysince93 Updated Yesterday my boyfriend and I had sex and we came to the horrible surprise that the condom broke and he did come inside me! since I it all dropped in the toilet right after I peed. I bought a Plan B one step and took it about 40 to 45 min right. May 27,  · Roll the condom all the way down to the base of the penis. After ejaculation, hold onto the base of the condom while pulling out to avoid slippage and spillage. Never reuse a condo .