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Jul 02,  · It was during this time ('s) that Dick and Jane readers were first published. The method of these books was primarily geared toward the memorization of sight words, in a whole language fashion, with short sentences including rhyme and repetition. But, unfortunately, the Dick and Jane books were published in , and newer books have taken their place. I looked at some of the newer books, and they didn't rise to level of the original, A very pro-active customer service agent located a copy for me after I had searched without success/5().

Jun 02,  · Dick and Jane books were the predominant readers in public schools from the s through the early s. The books were created by educator Williams S. Gray and former teacher and reading consultant Zerna Sharp, who believed that the “whole word” method was the ideal way to teach reading. Dick and Jane Series Found in Children’s Picture Books Millions of Americans remember Dick and Jane and now they’re back with classic readers and various formats. Sign me up to get more news about Children’s books.

The vintage original Dick and Jane series ran from to Sadly, in , The Dick and Jane Basic Readers and some of the other books in this series, ceased. Although, in 19Scott Foresman and Company went on to copyright two other "extension readers" to this series. Apr 13,  · Dick and Jane books approached learning in a revolutionary way / Penguin Random House. Finally, all American classrooms had primers and readers for students at all levels. The advent of Dick and Jane books came about in the s but by the next decade, America Comes Alive writes that up to 80% of classrooms had these readers. These books brought a lot to the table for all .