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fuck off and die you sob - FUCK OFF

Fuck off and die You're the evil in my eye Fuck off and die Time to say goodbye I'm just about to get even with you But what else can I do When my nightmare becomes true Last night I do regret, I even got up Said to many things, hard, in evil to top Hate seems to matter too much when I'm down on the ground. Response to TheCowsCameHome (Original post). Tue Sep 29, , PM. yaesu (5, posts). 5. trying to debate a life long con artist and perpetual liar is a waste of time imho. nt.

Green Day - Fuck off and die with lyrics on screen:D For JimmyUrineLovr, thanks for the suggestion babe:D Keep on eatin crickets!Soooo enjoy tha video! Lyrics for Fuck off and die by Rasmus Gozzi. Fuck off and die, du är för ful för mig och din morsa går för en hundring Du sa det rakt i.

Stream Fuck Off And Die You Slag by GrahamAndrewTait from desktop or your mobile device. A great memorable quote from the Return of the Living Dead movie on sexpert.xyz - Chuck: Hey, Casey, do you like sex with death? Casey: Yeah, so f*** off and die.

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