Hermione Granger sodomized - harry and hermione erotic


harry and hermione erotic - Hermione Granger sodomized

Erotic Heat by AnnaBelle Rose22 features Rose and Lily Luna, but also Ginny and Harry. And also all four of them together. erotica that defies classification Now for the really weird erotica, the stories that defy classification. The other main change is due to the fact that I believe DepravedDevil really mixed up Hermione and Ginny's personalities, the main girl Harry fucks is Ginny, and as such, because he doesn't want sloppy seconds, she doesn't have sexual relations with any other guys.

The pairing: Hermione and Snape, sometimes known as “ Snermione.” For those familiar with erotic fan fiction, the preceding three paragraphs probably won’t sound bizarre or disturbing; for more straight-laced Potterheads, they might be viscerally shocking. Hermione’s parents insisted that they go back upstairs while they cleaned up, and Hermione reassured Harry that her parents wouldn’t mind buying him a few clothes. “Honestly Harry,” she told him, “I’ve never known anyone who was so selfless with his own money or time, be so embarrassed about getting a little back now and again.”.

Though there had been some awkward situations, Parvati had really gone out of her way to be kind to Hermione since she had begun dating Harry, and Hermione had started to think of her as something of a friend. Which made her ongoing erotic dreams all the worse. Relationship(s): Harry/Hermione Warnings: Violence, explicit language, sex Word Count: 24, Summary: She left Britain without a word the day before Harry was set to propose to Ginny. Eight years later, Hermione Granger, prosecutor for the International Magical Court, disappears in the middle of the biggest case of her career and the ICW calls.

Harry Potter, T, English, Suspense & Romance, chapters: 46, words: k+, favs: , follows: , updated: 8/23/ published: 3/2/, Harry P., Hermione G. Harry and Mione's Horcrux Hunt» by Hippogriffgirl42 Basically what I think is going to happen in book seven Harry and Mione go on a quest to discover the Horcruxes, and maybe romance! In the first of a series of fan fiction Harry Potter erotica, read for the first time the "Untold Tales" hidden away until now Harry and Hermione have escaped certain death once again after surviving Godric's Hollow and Nagini. Harry's wand is broken beyond repair, Ron .