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how to have big cum shot - Alexia knows how to have fun

The most important ingredient is L-Arginine, which is believed by experts to be able to double sperm count in 2 weeks. By using these substances to supplement your body’s own systems, you will be generating bigger sperm loads every time and bigger sperm loads mean up to three times longer orgasms. Similarly, the angle of the shot [camera shot, cum shot] matters. Anything is going to look like it goes a long way when it's really mostly falling from waist height. So guy goes grunt-grunt-grunt, pulls out, points his cock up, shoots, jizz goes up [a little] arcs, and then way down.

If you don't have enough water in your body the volume of ejaculate you generate will be reduced. Ejaculate will also be thicker and possibly clumpy. Steer clear of dehydrating substances like alcohol and coffee, or if you do enjoy this type of beverage, . The answer to your question is yes, you really can significantly increase the amount of ball batter you splatter. I know this because I did it. I learned exactly how to cum more. A lot more. I went from spitting out a few lame spurts of semi viscous mystery fluid, to plopping out thick white ropes of DNA pulp that would put most porn stars to shame.

6 ways to have thicker, tastier cum. Some people like to guzzle a fresh load of cum—while others can’t get past the taste. A mouthful of rancid seed can kill the joy of swallowing, but most don’t realize that the flavour can change, depending on the person’s diet, as well as other factors. Speaking of electronic devices, you may want to keep your phone out of your pockets as well. Just like laptops, phone emit heat and radiation. And both of these things can decrease your sperm quality and size. As an alternative, you can simply carry your phone or keep it in a breast pocket of your shirt.

There are many ways to shoot bigger cum loads, and we will cover some of the main ways that men can dramatically boost their cum load and enjoy much bigger ejaculations. Some of these methods will take a bit of time to show results, and others will start producing results in . “Since the magazine era, photographers have used 'fake cum' to create artificial pop shots or bulk out real loads, so they can play with them for the ideal image,” Vice says.