Bamvisions Avi Love gets anal corrupted by Mick Blue - micks big dick


micks big dick - Bamvisions Avi Love gets anal corrupted by Mick Blue

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Derogatory word for Irish people. The origin of the word is disputed. Some beliefs are that "mick" comes from the common "Mc" in many Irish names. McSorley, McNeil, McFlannagan, ect. Others believe its related to the sound of a drunken hiccup. I was the captain *mick* of a ship *mick* for 3 years!! Also, Mick is the word that "spick" came from. "Well it was when I saw that a guy had an uncircumcised penis and it was too big and I went, 'Peace!'" she replied. "I was like, I'm not going to be deformed because I had sex with you once.

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