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My boyfriend's dick is of average size. It’s not small enough for him to have dealt with the emotional baggage associated with “small dicks”, but I’ve had sex with big dicks. I’ve had to deal with an ex boyfriend of one of my older girlfriends, and it’s always been a tricky issue. I think the tip about walking in really close to him is just so cheeky and yet bold. Everyone else may assume that you’re trying to threaten her ex, while you know the real reason is .

I think they will always fantasize about it. I think they may go back and cheat with the big dick guy. I think she is not as satisfied with my " long 5" circumferance penis, which is actually on the good side of average. My current GF has had a lot of sex partners and said three large ones, but of course she said mine was the best. ok guys i was chatting with my girlfriend last night and we were talking kinda dirty and I went fishing for compliments by asking whats the biggest dick she has ever had (mind you 5 minutes earlier she said I was bigger than her ex bf that she dated for 2 years) anyway, she says she was seeing this guy for 2 weeks (this was 3 years ago) and that he had a huge dick and she even went as far as.

Oh he has no idea about my never told him, I'm not that shallow that I'm just going to announce that my ex's dick was huge. just, when we do have sex, I'm scared he's going to think I'm loose or something because I had sex with something so big for 2 years straight and my current boyfriend is not so big so I'm scared he's going. My husband is average in penis size, not small but not big, but my ex is slightly above average in length but with a lot of girth. Penis size really does have something to do with the time.

Question - (8 December ): 19 Answers - (Newest, 12 October ): A male age , anonymous writes: I was wondering if girls think about the size of their ex's penis. My girlfriend made it a point to tell me the sizes of her ex and it hurt my self esteem because i'm just average. She didnt say how long or thick but I kind of developed a very good idea of how big because she thougth that average lenght of a penis was inches long. And she said the sex was amazing. (So im going to assume that her last ex was around inches since he was 'very big' in her eyes". When she said this my .