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Globally, Caucasian women born in the U.S. have the largest breasts in the world, with an average size that is larger than an ‘F,’ while the Philippines, the country that dominates world beauty pageants, was surprisingly ranked at and so, according to the research, Filipinas have the the smallest breasts in the world (of the countries included in the study). Small breasts allow you to more comfortably sleep on your stomach. Imagine trying to do that with two 5-lb bags of sugar on your chest. Small breasts are 25% more sensitive during your intimate times, when you want them to be sensitive. That, you will learn, is worth its weight in gold. Small breasts are easier to keep close watch on with your.

For comparison, the average breast size, by millilitre, was 1, in the USA but only in the Philippines. The second average smallest breasts were . Filipina girl standing on remote tropical beach in sorsogon south luzon in the philippines Young Asian girl in poverty over blue. Young Filipina girl with sad and somber expression over blue, poverty in the Philippines.

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