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Breast Reduction Surgeon in Boca Raton, FL. Breast reduction in Boca Raton is a surgical procedure intended to reduce the size of breasts and reshape them by removing excess fat, skin and glandular tissue. It may also involve a procedure to counteract drooping (ptosis) of the breasts. It is most often performed on women – but may also be performed on men who are afflicted with gynecomastia. Feb 21,  · Evolution of technique. The short scar periareolar inferior pedicle reduction (SPAIR) mammaplasty was developed in an attempt to eliminate the major complications related to the use of the inverted T pattern inferior pedicle technique for breast reduction.

SPAIR breast reduction with removal of g from left breast and g from right breast. Note absence of scar beneath the breasts. The lollipop scars will fade further over the next few months. Age: Location: Atlanta, GA. Bilateral breast reduction. Age: 36 Height: 5'5 Weight: lbs. Pre-op cup size: 40 DDD Procedure: Spair breast reduction.

Breast reduction is performed as an outpatient procedure in an accredited surgical center or hospital. The reasons why I got a breast reduction were: Most of my shirts were too small, my bras were starting to fall apart and my shoulders and upper back were always aching. This was one of the biggest decisions I've had to make in my life, and I'm so glad I went through with the Spair surgery.

SPAIR Breast Reduction Surgery by Dennis Hammond, MD. REGISTER TODAY In-Person. English. Breast reduction is performed under general anesthesia as an outpatient surgery. Our surgeons offer multiple techniques for reducing the breasts, and will help .