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Typically, compression garments are worn for a total of six weeks after liposuction. The garment allows the skin to conform to the new contour of your chin, it minimizes swelling in the area that can occur of the six week period after surgery and finally it minimizes the potential for fluid to develop beneath the skin. Take it easy for 10 days after chin liposuction, especially if you have a physically demanding job or strenuous exercise routine. Vigorous activity can create more swelling. Charlotte, North Carolina, facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh says that his patients have varying degrees of bruising and swelling throughout the healing process.

Sep 23,  · Answer: Chin strap for 2 weeks after chin or neck liposuction is ideal, one week is essential After chin or neck liposuction a space is created . Face neck compression garments dimish swelling, flush harmful bodily fluids, and accelerate the healing process by providing optimal compression on the face. Heal faster with Isavela.

Facial compression garments are designed to be used in post-operative phase after facial surgeries such as facelifts, facial rejuvenation, facial reconstruction, otoplasty (ear surgery), neck lifts and liposuction of chin, as well as facial implant surgeries such as chin implants, chin augmentation and cheekbone surgery. Aug 19,  · While they may not receive a lot of attention, compression garments can be a patient’s best friend after plastic surgery, improving comfort during the early stages of recovery plus helping healing, so your results can look their best.

Jan 06,  · Post Treatment Chin Liposuction Compression Garment After your treatment, you will be asked to wear a compression garment. This is a soft, comfortable garment that keeps pressure on your chin after liposuction. They are made from strong, synthetic . PHASE 1 COMPRESSION GARMENTS POST SURGERY: This liposuction compression garment is designed for use after facial surgery, face lifts and submental liposuction/5(25).